48 Hour Fasting And Seminar

January 25, 2006

Friday January 27, 8:00pm – Sunday January 29, 9:00am

In Asian culture, people fast once a year to cleanse their body and get recharged for the new year. Keeping with this tradition, Grandmaster Lee hosts an annual 48 hour health and fasting seminar the last weekend in January.

Students sleep at JK Lee Black Belt Academy (Brookfield) while working personally with Grandmaster Lee. The main topic at this year’s seminar will be taking the five steps to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Grandmaster Lee will cover topics on accupressure and bioenergetic breathing.

Participants should decrease the intake of caffeine (soda, coffee) the week prior to the fast. Diet should include more vegetables and less meats.

Hap Ki Do Seminar

Grandmaster Chang Gedo, from Illinois, will lead a Hap Ki Do Seminar on Saturday afternoon. This will be advanced Ho Shin Sul and Grappling. This seminar is open to all students and their families. You do not need to be a student to participate.

Space is limited. Please fill out an application at the front desk. The fee for the entire weekend is $100. The fee for just the Hap Ki Do seminar is $69 for students aged 12 and older and $50 for students 8-12 years old.


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