48-Hour Fast and Martial Arts Seminar

January 29, 2006

I have returned from the 48-hour fast and martial arts seminar. There are simply too many things to tell you about. Here are a few of them, in no particular order.

  • There are a few pictures up on my flickr account! Go check them out.
  • In preparation for the fast I ate very light all last week. On Friday morning I had a banana and an apple for breakfast, then nothing at all until Sunday morning.
  • Today, Sunday, marks the beginning of the new year for many Asian people. That is why the fast was this weekend.
  • All that we had to drink was water and barley tea (a big coffee urn filled with water and a few handfuls of barley. It made for a light yellow brew that smelled faintly of grain.)
  • Grandmaster’s Lee and Chang are very inspirational and approachable people.
  • For someone who has never gone a day in his life without eating, there is something very odd about having a completely silent and still digestive system for two days.
  • Friday was probably the hungriest. It got a little easier after that.
  • Grandmaster Chang showed us diabolically clever yet surprisingly simple techniques that elicit a lot of pain when they are done to you. Hap Ki Do is a formidable art.
  • Yoga is hard.
  • Martial arts students are models of courtesy and respect. Nevertheless, a black belt student came into the dojang late Saturday morning and waved a latte in our faces. One of the fasting students said “how long has it been since you’ve had a good old fashioned ass whupping?” It got a big laugh. And the latte quickly disappeared.
  • My colleagues at J. K. Lee Black Belt Academy are one tough bunch. Their commitment and dedication to our art is inspirational. Spending the whole weekend training, fasting and sleeping on the floor with them was a very rewarding experience.
  • Don’t forget to check out the photos!

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  1. Well done on completing your fast… I hope that you gained everything you hoped for from the experience….

    Did you crave anything in particular?

  2. Food. Coffee. A shower. Toothpaste. A little time to myself. But none of it was unbearable. The weekend was challenging but rewarding. I really got to connect with some of my fellow students at JK Lee and it was a nice opportunity to renew my commitment to training and to health in general. Definitely it was a success and I’d do it again.

  3. […] You’ll remember that I did this fast last year and that I really liked it. I’ll no doubt mention it again when the event draws nearer. […]

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