Distance Ed Rule Change

February 3, 2006

So there’s about to be a change of rules. It used to be that any higher education institution that did more than 50% of its business via long-distance was ineligible for federal money of some kind or another. Grants? Student loans? Something like that. This was apparently an effort to keep mail-order diploma mills in check.

I may have some of the details wrong because I read it at the Chronicle of Higher Ed and the story is now behind a password that I don’t have. I’d link you to the story, but what would be the point? You don’t have the password either.

But I do know that the rule maybe about to change. I gather that the push to change it is due to legitimate colleges and universities who are now nearing that 50% mark themselves. Why? Because of their increasing use of web-based teaching and learning.

E-learning, in case you missed it, is the area in which I work. This rule change could spark even faster growth in this area. Seems promising.

Now if only the Chronicle could figure out how to make a buck while allowing more open access to their stories.

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