The $650 Question

February 4, 2006

On a whim I filled out a form at theadoptionspecialist.com earlier this evening. I gave my name, place of birth and my non-identifying information. A couple of hours later I got a phone call from a woman named Lisa. If I understood her correctly, she said she could see my birth mother’s last name and my birth father’s last name and initials. She seemed pretty confident that she could give me my birth mother’s full name and phone number if I asked her to go ahead with a more thorough search.

She said it would probably take 24 hours. She said it would cost $650.

I’d ask you if I should do it or not, but the question is moot; I don’t exactly have $650 laying around under my couch pillows.


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  1. It seems to me that if she could find that out so easily, so could you. (Or else she might be full of it.) You might want to join one of those groups that helps you access info.

  2. Send the Better Business Bureau (BBB) after them and see if they crawl under a rock.
    Would that get results? Prove anything?
    I don’t know much about the powers or effectiveness of the B.B.B..
    $650 seems like a lot of money for some person to read some info off of a screen or sheet of paper for you.
    They sound icky to me.

  3. Still willing to help you find your parents–it really is quite simple.

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