March 10, 2006

A lot of people visit this humble blog. More and more each month, in fact. The totals for February were 31,863 visits and 90,668 page views. That works out to an average of 1,137 visits and 3,238 pages a day. I don’t know how that seems to you, but to me it’s an awful lot for this Seinfeld-esque blog about nothing.

Questions present themselves. Who are these visitors? What do they want? And why do they not leave more comments? But I think the most vexing question for me at the moment is advertising. Should I start putting ads on the site? It might make me some extra money. But how much? And will it affect the integrity of my blog? Is it pompous and self-important to even worry about the integrity of one’s blog? I have no satisfactory answers.

I wouldn’t have to solicit advertisers. It’s not like I’d be thinking about what “they” wanted when I wrote. Google AdSense would just pipe in ads that their secret sauce algorithms figure will be of interest to my readers. I write about music, they put music ads in. You surf in on a search for “education,” they put in ads for online degrees or something.

I may go ahead and try it. If it seems weird or I make a grand total of $7.84 for the month I think I’d just remove them. But if it feels okay and I walk away with an extra $50 I think I might let them stay. I just wish I knew in advance how much money we were talking about here.

What do you think? Ads or no ads?

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  1. If it means you buy everyone beer and wings next time at DL, I’m all in favor. Seriously though, unless you do something obnoxious like popups, they’re relatively unobtrusive. So go for it.

  2. 1. First, take a look at how long most visitors stay at your blog. I find that most of the people who visit my blog stay for “0 seconds,” most likely meaning that they Googled something and didn’t find what they were looking for chez verbatim.
    2. I don’t know anyone who has ever clicked a Google ad on a blog. I sure haven’t. I don’t even glance at them.
    3. I think $7.84/month would be optimistic.
    4. What do I know?!

  3. You should look into BlogAds.com. I have used them in the past. Works well, plus you can reject content that you like or don’t like.

  4. I think it’s true that the majority of traffic I’m seeing is people getting surfing in off a google search and that they might not stay long. But two things occur to me. First, the ads would be targeted to them based on their search term. So maybe if they don’t find anything of interest here they’d click on the ad. It’s a possibility. Also there’s the “pages” and the “visits” numbers. The number of pages divided by the number of visits tells me that the average visitor is viewing three pages. Unless I’m figuring that wrong. Which could very well be.

    I’m going to try it, I think.

  5. It looks like you’ve already made up your mind, but I agree with Karen. I don’t think you’ll make any money, and it will just clutter up the blog. Your regular readers will ignore them, and people who arrive here via searching aren’t likely to do much clicking through. Does there have to be advertising everywhere?

  6. I’m thinking Google Ads might be the way to go.

  7. You would be surprised how much you can make on BlogAds. It all depends on your traffic levels. If you have decent level, which it seems like you do, you might make a decent amount each month. When you sign up, the give you some javascript to put on your site. Then, it places you in a ranking in your category based on the number of pageviews. From there, you can see how much similar ranked blogs are charging. For example, if the blog just above or below you is charging $20/week for an add, you could lower yours to$15 to lure a prospective ad buyer.

    I use adsense as well. You only get paid when you hit $100 or more, which can take a long time. I suspect your camera and photography posts will get the most clicks. The price per keyword is likely to be decent, so you might do OK.

    Both systems are easy to try out. Sign up for both and give them a run.

  8. Do the ads, and ask after a couple days/week if anyone is annoyed by them or having a problem because of them.. if not, then it doesn’t hurt anyone.. that’s my thoughts..

  9. I would be curious to see what you make from them. If you think they can fit fine with the layout and content then you might as well try as long as the time commitment of setting them up is not too high, but it sounds like it’s not.

    I hope you’ll report back on how it goes.

  10. SELLOUT! j/k — this week I’ll be (finally) getting my blog back up and all the data ported over to the tower…and I was going to do that…even if it takes a year for a $100, so what? It’s a $100 that I would not have otherwise had!

  11. […] A while back I started putting ads on scottfeldstein.net, not knowing exactly what would happen or if I’d keep them around or not. Shortly thereafter I wrote about how spotty the ad revenue seemed to be and decided to get rid of them. Just at that time, however, Darren over at problogger.net decided to use me as an example – a bad example. In other words, he had a few suggestions for me on the placement and type of my ads. So naturally I implemented some of his advice. How did it work out? It’s been a month and here’s where things stand. […]

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