The Cars, Rundgren and Snopek

March 16, 2006

“Did I see what?”

I had been walking through the Pick N Save with a 12-pack of caffeine-free diet Pepsi under my arm when who did I run into but old bandmate Sean Snopek. (Yeah, younger brother of progressive rocker and Milwaukee legend Sigmund Snopek III.) He doesn’t say hi. The first thing out of his mouth is “did you see The Cars on Leno?” I hadn’t.

Mr. Snopek told me that The Cars had now reformed with Todd Rundgren fronting the group. “Dude,” I said intelligently; “Rundgren’s a genius.” I told him that I don’t watch TV but I promised to try to find some video of them on the internet.

And I did find some. Here they are on Leno doing Let The Good Times Roll. Here’s another cool video of them doing a catchy little tune called Not Tonight.

I’m not one of those people who listens only to music made twenty years ago and who whines about how new stuff just isn’t as good. People like that irritate me, actually. There’s plenty of good music being made today. You just have to open your ears. Even so, this little trip to Retro City made me smile.

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  1. Now admittedly I’m nowhere close to any music scene, but if somebody asked that about Leno I would assume he was showing off his vehicle collection.

  2. sweet.

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