Vendetta, Eggs, Baskets and Bollox

March 20, 2006

Paige, Dan, Ray and myself saw V For Vendetta last night. Hugo Weaving was good and he didn’t make me think of Elrond or Agent Smith at all, which was surprising. Natalie Portman was good, too, but someone needs to buy her a sandwich or something. Overall I give the movie only a C+. There was a lot of missed opportunity for excitement and drama that just kind of fell flat. Script problem? Direction? What do I know. All I can say is that the end result was just okay.

The movie did make me think about George Bush, though. It made me wonder whether staunch Bush supporters would hate the movie for the obvious parallels between its Big Brotherish government and our own presidents penchant for torture and warrantless spying. (That’s liberal codespeak for “I’m an elitist, America-hating, communist who hates baby Jesus and loves Al Qaida.”)

For me, though, the main thing the movie left me was was a strong desire to make eggs in a basket and to say bollox a lot. We currently have plans to do both of those things on Thursday night. Simultaneously.

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  1. I’ll ignore the “torture” crap you folks love to throw around, it’s a waste of time. As for the “spying”, since I don’t know you or where you stand, what was your opinion of the Clinton’s and the FBI files? I hope you’re the honest type who decries that. That would show sense as opposed to ideology. As for Big Brother parralells, well, that’s been slowly happening in this country for decades. I’ll still go see the movie, but, I agree. Portman needs at least 2 sandwiches. And maybe a bratwurst. With onions..

  2. BTW, Bollocks IS a fun word, is it not? LOL

  3. “[saw V For Vendetta] … Hugo Weaving was good and he didn’t make me think of Elrond or Agent Smith at all, which was surprising.”

    …But did he resemble ‘Tick’ Belrose/Mitzi Del Bra from “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”?

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