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March 31, 2006

I’ve had a gmail account for a long time now, but I have never found it to be of any use. I like to use my own domain name for my email address (scott@scottfeldstein.net) rather than the name of some company (scott@gmail.com or scott@yahoo.com). I figure I own the domain name so why not use it? And in fact, I do use it. My registrar, godaddy.com, provides me with a way to do so. I pay them $20 a year and I get to use their webmail app with my domain name. I have been scott@scottfeldstein.net ever since.

Back to gmail. I recognized that it was a pretty neat web application, but I didn’t want to be @gmail.com to use it. So the very first message I sent with my gmail account was to google itself: please let me use this application with my own domain name. I even offered to pay them the $20 I was currently giving to godaddy. No response.

Then a beta service surfaced that allowed you to use gmail with your own domain. I signed up to be a tester, but never heard from them. My gmail account languished and I suffered on with a cool email address and a lame web app to go with it.

Until yesterday. Yesterday I mysteriously got an invite to join the beta test. I think it was no coincidence that I’d been talking about this gmail-with-my-domain issue with some folks over at lifehacker.com. Methinks someone saw my comments and hooked me up. Thanks!

Check out my new mail system. Coolest part about it is, judging by information gleaned from inside the application, I think google may eventually offer some level of this new service for free. Save $20, get a better app. I like this deal.


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  1. Yeah, I was quite interested in this service, especially now that I’ll probably have my domain up and running again fairly soon.

    So, what does it do for authentication? Go back to your registrar? Do you add new e-mail users via your registrar or gmail?

  2. Nope. This isn’t a simple forwarding of messages or anything. When I buy the domain I get to control the DNS (where the web traffic goes) and also the MX record (where the email traffic goes). Up to now, it’s been pointing internally at godaddy’s own email app. Pointing it there, using that app, and the space that my mail requires, is what I pay the $20 for. the MX record itself is covered as part of the domain name registration fee. So all I did was repoint the MX record to google’s servers. They (google) give good instructions on what to do, so it was no problem. Now I can let my godaddy webmail lapse if I want to.

  3. i m using the Google powered mail in corporate,but now i want to create it for my personal account. any idea…

  4. great post thanks for it

  5. They (google) give good instructions on what to do, so it was no problem. Now I can let my godaddy webmail lapse if I want to.

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