Wheel & Sprocket Gets It Right

April 3, 2006

Previously on scottfeldstein.net… I gave up running because of my knees and in a fit of pique decided to buy a bike. I found a bike online at Wheel & Sprocket. The bike was to go on sale in a couple of weeks, though, so I called the store to see if I could get the sale price in advance. They said no. I went in to buy the bike anyway only to discover that the price in the store was $20 more than the web site. When I pointed this out to them they said they’d give me the web site price. They screwed up at the register, though, and didn’t actually give it to me. Meanwhile, their internet guy leaves a comment on my blog saying he wants to get me that sale price in advance of the sale!

Mr. Internet calls the manager of the store I had visited. The store manager calls me. He says if I come in with my receipt all will be made right. So I came in. True to his word, he gave me the discount I originally wanted. I turned around and bought a new helmet with it.

I have to hand it to Wheel & Sprocket. Sure, there was a lot of confusion regarding the actual price I was to be charged. But everyone I dealt with–the sales guy, to the store manager, the internet sales guy–all were very polite and helpful. They stuck with me through this whole crazy thing and in the end they got it right. I got my bike at the price I wanted; they got a repeat customer. Thanks, guys!


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  1. They also got you blabbing to the whole Internet about what great customer service you got! They’re clearly not stupid. My friend had the opposite experience; Coldstone Creamery messed up her kid’s birthday cake and just flat-out refused to make it right. She of course told everyone who would listen not to go there anymore. So we don’t.

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