Free The Ringtones!

April 5, 2006

I got a new cell phone because mine wasn’t working right. It kept getting quieter and quieter, until I had to use the hands-free headset just to hear the person on the other end. Some times it was worse than others, but it was still ridiculous. At least Verizon was pretty cool about it, though; they offered to just give me a new one. They managed to save all my phone numbers thank goodness, but I lost my ringtone.

And that brings me to the subject of this post. I want to make my own goddamned ring tone out of my very own audio files on my very own computer. I do not want to download popular bits of music at $1.99 a crack; I want my own, and for free. I did it once. I knew of a web site where you could just upload a short mp3 file, give it your phone number and bang: instant ringtone. Problem is, I lost the site and googling anything with “ringtone” in it takes you to a zillion commercial sites, not this free one I used to know.

Surely there must be other resources like this. There must be other sites where you can upload a file and have it txt your phone with the audio as an attachment. Help!

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  1. What phone do you have? I have a Treo 650 and was able to download a hack that lets me use MP3s for ring tones.


  2. http://www.matrixm.com/

  3. Describing the ringtones made available as “popular bits of music” is being kind. I have not explored this in quite some time, but last I checked, all you could get were MIDI files of popular tunes – mere shadows of the original tune sonically speaking. Phone networks are good (usually) at providing communication services. Why is it that they want to become purveyors of content – content that is usually pretty mediocre in both delivery and quality?

  4. Charles…

    I’m using MP3s on my phone, not MIDI files.


  5. Adam,

    I know many folks have better sounding audio choices for ringtones these days. Perhaps I just have a cheap phone and have long since given up on trying to choose my own though some crazy hack. It can’t be that tall an order for even my $50 phone, the company just needs to give me the freedom to do so.

  6. Scott,
    See Wired’s column “Music Phones Want to Be Free” at

    One panelist noted that “‘Cingular already makes more money from music than iTunes does,’ and said that a significant number of subscribers pay $10 per month for six new ringtones.”

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