Dear Conservative Bloggers

April 13, 2006

Dear Conservative Bloggers:

There seem to be a few things you misunderstand about blogging. Let me clear a couple of them up for you. First, you do not own the blogosphere. That’s right. It is a gross mischaracterization of blogging to describe it as primarily an avenue for “stifled” conservatives to strike back against the (so-called) liberal mainstream media. Though you smirk at the very idea, the mainstream media fails everyone in similar ways – even us liberals. Blogging gives a much-needed voice to people of every political persuasion – even those of us who don’t care about politics at all.

And another thing. Any sane definition of “mainstream media” includes television, radio broadcasts and print publications which reach a mass audience. It does not include liberal blogs. This tendency of yours to define mainstream media as “anyone who likes the New York Times” or “anyone who fails to express open hatred for Dan Rather” is ludicrous. You conservatives don’t get to play Rebel while casting us liberals as The Man. I know you like that script, but it’s just not accurate. All blogs maintained by non-professional media personnel are “alternative,” whatever their political leanings. And popular conservative radio personalities are indeed “mainstream.” They just are. Pretending otherwise is silly.

So get over yourselves. Stop acting like the entire blogosphere is your own private rebellion against the Evil Liberal Media Monster. And stop trying to creatively redefine who is alternative and who is mainstream based on adherence to a certain political ideology.


PS. The president misled us into the war in Iraq, he spies on Americans, your tax cuts were nothing but a giveaway to the wealthy, your machiavellian fiscal policies are financially ruinous, and your anti-gay, anti-school, anti-choice initiatives are shameful, hateful and mean-spirited. Nyah!


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  1. Was it something I said?

  2. This rant started bubbling away inside me at the blogger’s conference a few weeks ago, James. It’s not about you in particular. šŸ™‚

  3. Oh, if it makes you happy, it turns out the Minimum Alternative Tax was not lowered, but because the tax cuts to the wealthy dropped several people below it, they have to pay it instead of the reduced amounts. So apparently, the tax cuts aren’t as strong as they seem.

  4. Isn’t asking a staunch conservative to “get over themselves” kind of like asking the dead to “wake up”? :o) I don’t believe it’s going to happen.

  5. Hey, it worked for Jesus.

  6. I think there’s a lot of ego issues on both sides. Sometimes I think bloggers really believe that their opinions should move mountains, when in reality there are just one voice in a cacophony of opinions. Bloggers need to recognize their position is marginal, at best. Bloggers alone will not get Feingold elected President or stop the War in Iraq, anymore than my fellow conservative bloggers will single-handedly defeat Jim Doyle and Peg Lautenschlager this November.

    Unfortunately I also see some bloggers whose egos have been stroked for so long that when they get criticized they think it’s “an attack on blogdom” – whatever the hell that is.

  7. Did it?

  8. I’ve got written testimony of a dozen witnesses that say it did.

  9. I actually had a blogger telling me that the proof that a candidate I’m supporting wasn’t doing that well with the base was the fact that “we haven’t been talking about him on our blog.”

    Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to check with you first!

    Egos exist on both sides, and they tick me off. Afterall, no one’s blog is better than mine, and it’s about time everyone else figured that out and just took a back seat!

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