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May 3, 2006

Okay, I think these new Apple ads are amusing, but I’m not the target audience. Are they cute? Condescending? Funny? Do you think they’ll be effective at peeling a small fraction of Windows users away from the Dark Side?

The buzz is that these ads are supposed to take advantage of PC users growing dissatisfaction with Windows and capitalize on the fact that their iPod has brought the Apple name into a lot of people’s hands lately. You hate Windows, you love your iPod, you watch the ad, you buy a Mac. At least some small fraction of Windows users do. And let’s not forget, a small fraction of Windows defectors would be all it would take for Apple to have, say, a 25% increase in their market share.

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  1. I like them too, but mostly just because the Mac guy is gorgeous.

  2. My MacBook Pro is in Anchorage right now. I’ll have it by Monday. It will be hard not to bring it to DL next week, not to show off, but because I won’t want to be away from it.

    My trusty iBook finally contracted its last illness–this nasty habit of display blackout any time you adjust it–and Apple is sending me a new one of those, too, already sold to cover some of the MacBook’s cost.

    Never even considered switching back.

  3. Well, I find them amusing, but misguided. VERY misguided. I recall reading an I, Cringley editorial once that mentioned that Bill Gates was Strategic (long, thought out, methodical plan) and that Steve Jobs was Tactical (immediate reaction to immediate stuff).

    BTW, I did notice the ads were PC, not Windows, but PC (i.e. Dell, Gateway, etc). I also note that Apple is the only computer hardware manufacturer in the U.S. to be profitable (in all business units, not just as a whole).

    I think these ads will probably turn people away, unfortunately. They are the equivalent to political mudslinging.

    Just my $2*E-02, though.

  4. I jumped on the Mac train about 6 weeks ago when I was in the SF Apple Store. Picked up a Macbook Pro to replace my Sony Vaio laptop. I haven’t spent enough time with it yet for me to truly call myself “converted,” but I do like the machine a lot. It runs hot, though.

    Re: PC vs. windows – I just assumed that the ads followed the age-old advertising maxim of never naming your competitor by name, less viewers remember their product and not yours. So the generic term “PC” was used.

  5. Justin, welcome to the world of sane computing! πŸ™‚

    That said, I personally think not naming windows was the key here, and I do not believe it had anything to do with marketing strategery. I think it had to do with three words….

    Office on Mac


    I do give Jobs a lot of credit to competing with his actual competitors in this second stroll through the orchards of Apple CEO-ship…namely Dell, Compaq, Gateway, et al.

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