It’s All About Me

May 10, 2006

A recent bill in the Wisconsin Assembly proposed that all persons be made to present proof of citizenship before receiving any kind of government services. That bill passed. Peter DiGaudio, our own Texas Hold ‘Em Blogger, wrote about it’s passage in the assembly, calling the people who voted against it “gutless.” I have the opposite opinion. I think the bill is mean-spirited and entirely beneath us good-hearted Wisconsinites, so I engaged Peter about it on his blog.

Did he, Peter, wish to see people starving and begging on the streets of his own city just so he could say we were holding illegal immigrants “accountable”? Peter said yes to that and further opined that the “damned illegals” live better than he does. He then inexplicably went on to describe how he cheats on his taxes. Really! So when a poor illegal immigrant breaks the law by coming to the United States he or she can justifiably be condemned to a life without social safety nets, but when Peter breaks the law by underreporting his income we’re invited to just understand that things are tough.

When I pointed out this obvious hypocrisy, Peter surprised me with his candor. It’s “all about me,” he said, and in case the point had not been made clear enough, added “I don’t care about anything or anyone.”

I certainly don’t mean to suggest that all conservatives feel this way, but I’ll let you righties in on a little secret: we lefties sometimes suspect that this kind of selfishness is at the core of your ideology. Even so, the bluntness of it stunned me. The entire exchange with Peter left me feeling very sad and troubled.

Me, I don’t care how poor I become. I won’t have needy people turned away, whether they are legal American citizens or not. I will never sign on to that kind of callousness no matter how tough things are.

Finally, I would suggest that people who have a hard time achieving and maintaining a middle-class existence (me and Peter included) stop scapegoating the people at the very bottom of the economic ladder and start looking at where the money really goes in this country. Hint: it ain’t to illegal immigrants or welfare recipients.


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  1. It’s easier to give the finger than to offer a helping hand. Words that unfortunately ring true.
    And you’re right…we not only suspect that the selfishness exhibited by righties is part of their core ideologies, but what have they done to show otherwise?

    It’s time that people wake up to the fact of who owns this country, and who controls the money…I think you’ll find it’s the same people.

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