Glacial Drumlin Trail

May 15, 2006

I’ve been slowly investigating the Glacial Drumlin bike trail which runs westward from downtown Waukesha through Wales, Dousman, Sullivan, Helenville, Jefferson, Lake Mills, London, Deerfield and ends in Cottage Grove, a mere 5 miles from Madison. End to end, that’s a 52 mile journey.

My first trip down the Glacial Drumlin was a bit more modest than that: 7 miles to Wales and 7 miles back. I definitely felt like I could go further, but being new to biking and not knowing my limits very well, I didn’t want to push it.

Next time I pushed it. That was yesterday. I went from Waukesha all the way to downtown Dousman (such as it is). That’s 12.3 miles – and 12.3 miles back. The scenery was first-rate. Mostly the trail winds its way through wooded areas interspersed with a few farms and the occasional golf course or pond visible off to the side.

How did 24 miles feel? Not that bad! It’s sure different than running, though. When I ran I would go four or five miles and be physically exhausted, drenched in sweat and breathless. Biking is not like that. At least not the way I do it. It’s much more about muscles (my legs, oy!) than it is about heart and lungs. Plus running is fast: 30 minutes or an hour, and done. Biking that 24 miles took forever!

The last few miles were incredibly boring, actually, iPod or not. What kind of music goes into a biking playlist? The running stuff is way to aggressive. Maybe I should try an audiobook? Also I think I need new earphones. Inexpensive in-ear ones that also sound good. Suggestions?

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  1. I’d suggest “Montana – A Love Story” by George Winston. Also any type of “Out of Africa” playlist off iTunes. It’s very natural music that goes along with the meditative state of endurance exercise. Not as aggressive as running music but cadent.

    And I’m interested too in good in-ear phones. My i-earbuds are totally uncomfortable and fall out of my ears. I think I need kid earphones.

  2. I’m glad to hear someone else was starting out on the trail recently. I got a new bike last weekend and made the trip to Wales from the Fox River Sanctuary today (smaller trips earlier this week). Next weekend I plan on going to Dousman, haven’t used my ipod on the trip yet though.

    Take care!


  3. Glad you’re enjoying the trail. I ride it 4+ times each week, starting from my house in Waukesha and going to Dousman…a 36 mile round trip, which takes me about 2 hours.

    I do not suggest listening to an iPod while riding though, as you do need to hear others coming up behind you or announcing their passing you. I feel this is especially true if you are riding alone. It is better to be aware of your suroundings…it is safer for all those out on the trail.

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