Retro Shave

May 18, 2006

Buy a Merkur Safety Razor from Nashville Knives or try complete shaving sets or skin care.

I’m trying something new. I’m getting off the disposable razor arms race. No more three, four, five-bladed supercharged, turbo, nitro nonsense for me. I’ve gone retro. Meet my new razor: the Merkur “classic” safety razor. (One blade.)

Oddly, you can buy the replacement blades just about anywhere: the drugstore, the supermarket, wherever. But you cannot buy the actual razor itself anywhere. I had to order mine from Classicshaving.com.

So how is it? First time out, I’d say it’s pretty good. The thing has some heft which keeps it stable – and that’s no bad thing when dragging a razor blade across your face. Shaving even sounds different. There’s an ever-so-slight metalic sound. But I guess that should be no surprise when switching from a molded plastic shaver to a solid chunk of German stainless steel. I got a good close shave and only cut myself once. (I don’t know about you, but I cut myself every time I switched to different plastic shavers, too, so I won’t hold that against the Merkur yet.)

Incidentally, the best after-shave is still Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion. It’s not marketed as a uber-masculine product (it doesn’t even have a boat anchor on the label) but trust me.

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  1. I’ll determine how close it is…..

  2. Just came across this: http://www.shaveblog.com/

    Also, a memory: Growing up, the medicine chest in my parents’ bathroom had a slit in the back for dropping in used razor blades. That always struck me as bizarre and wonderful.

  3. Delightful! I’m tempted now to buy me some proper English shaving cream, a badger hair brush, and one of those Moss scuttles! Man, I wonder how far down this rabbit hole I’m really gonna go…

  4. Ha! I was just about to do a photo entry about another retro item of mine: my Elgin razor. It’s an art deco travel razor and screws apart/back together. Come by and check it out in the next few.

    Have you ever tried a straight razor? Like a Dovo? It’s actually very good for a man’s skin. It exfoliates and provides a blunt/flat cut and prevents bumps. Pretty tough to find anyone who does it anymore with a non-disposable straight, but I think Nick might actually know of a place. Hot towels and all.

  5. Sounds wonderful! I wonder what they charge.

  6. Ah! Got another good shave today with no cuts! And I forgot to mention one delightful thing: this razor stays hot when you run it under hot water. That’s a very pleasant and unique experience for one used to plastic. I think maybe this razor is here to stay.

  7. Well I know that Groom charges about $32 for the whole experience but they used disposable straight razors. It was more smoke and mirrors there – disposable straights nick noses and don’t have the physics of a forged razor in order to do the job properly and close enough. It was kind of a “pretend” straight shave if you ask me (and the person I bought it for).

  8. Ok, Feldstein. Now this is a topic I can relate to!
    Being blessed (?!?) with coarse Italian hair, I’ve spent more on blades in a month than gas (and how come noone talks about the ungodly cost of razor? but I digress..).
    I’ve tried every type or razor on the market. You know the revolutionary battery powered razor? Yeah, I first tried that in late 1980’s. I bought it from Walgreen’s. Mach3, Schick Quattro, Protector, whatever you name, I’ve tried it. I dabbled with electric, too. Rotary blade and screen – not the cheap ones, either.
    Anyway, they all stunk. Currently, I’m using Gilette Sensor Excel disposable, triple blade…then I use a cheapy Remington on the way to work to “finish the job.” Yes, I’m either a complete loser or my life sucks…or both.
    Anyway, the blades last about 2 shavings each. Then they start chipping away at my face. I was so irritated at work one day, I figured out how much I spend on those blasted things every year…LIKE $300 A YEAR!!! I began contemplating – and looked into – laser hair removal! Figure pay big once, and be done with it!
    I didnt work (I told them).

    I do remember seeing a razon in my Dad’s toiletry drawer that opened up when you twisted the bottom of the handle. I was 7 and it fascinated me…until I hacked up my hand. Now that I’m older, I want to thank you for reminding me of this wonderful little device. I’m going out to find one to buy right now. The price seems right. And, hey, how much worse can it be?

  9. […] I ordered some blades for the Merkur razor and in the box with them were some free samples of personal care products. This one, a men’s facial moisturizer, is especially puzzling. I know that these kinds of products have a long history of attaching celebrity names to them; maybe it’s because marketers perceive that many of us would like to be like that celebrity. But Jack Black? I want to be Jack Black? I mean he’s okay. He’s a talented actor. I liked him in King Kong. But is he a sex symbol and I just missed it? Are there legions of men who look at Jack admiringly and secretly long to have his smooth, wrinkle-free skin? Please explain this to me. […]

  10. […] This is the page he wanted the ad on. I’m sure his google searches told him that the page comes up frequently when people are looking for shaving paraphernalia or something. So there it is. Just FYI. […]

  11. Saw your post on the B&B forum. I just got a Merkur, also and a Gillette 1954 Super-Speed. Great tried and true technology. Welcome to the wonderful world of DE shaving!

  12. HEllo. Just added your link here.

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