Be Like Jack

May 27, 2006

Listen, I don’t watch TV and I don’t see that many movies, either. Ditto with magazines. So I concede up front that I may be somewhat out of touch with popular culture and fashion. Having said that, I still think there’s something inexplicable about this item.

I ordered some blades for the Merkur razor and in the box with them were some free samples of personal care products. This one, a men’s facial moisturizer, is especially puzzling. I know that these kinds of products have a long history of attaching celebrity names to them; maybe it’s because marketers perceive that many of us would like to be like that celebrity. But Jack Black? I want to be Jack Black? I mean he’s okay. He’s a talented actor. I liked him in King Kong. But is he a sex symbol and I just missed it? Are there legions of men who look at Jack admiringly and secretly long to have his smooth, wrinkle-free skin? Please explain this to me.

No, I haven’t tried it. But I will. It is my solemn duty as a blogger to follow these kinds of things to their (sometimes absurd) conclusions.

UPDATE: I tried it after shaving this morning and it was okay. I’m sorry to say my hopes of smelling like Jack were dashed, however, as this stuff has no scent. I think I’ll stick to my Burt’s Bees. So now you know.

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