Memorial Day

May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day for US readers. Today I, along with all Americans, will think of the men and women in the US armed forces, past and present, dead and living. All have sacrificed a good measure of their autonomy in matters of war and peace. (Well, they can’t say “I don’t like this war” the way civilians can. They give up that ability.) And many have sacrificed even more. Often their very lives.

So thank you.

But in addition to “thank you,” I think they deserve even more. They deserve good health care. They deserve decent pay. They deserve adequate pensions. And more than anything, our current and future servicemen and women deserve to be called upon only when it is vitally necessary. It’s not too much to ask.

For more on Memorial Day check out wikipedia’s article on the subject.

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  1. I concur, Mr. Feldstein! Veterans deserve to know that their needs will be attended to once they return from their tours of duty.

    Our current administration and GOP controlled Congress is not up to this task.

  2. I concur. Which social service programs shall we cut to pay for them?

    I suppose it will be the tired old tax the rich BS>

  3. If we simply put taxes on the wealthiest Americans back where they were under Clinton, we’d be good as gold on these and many other worthy promises. Gonna tell me that taxes on those folks at that level are bad for the economy? I recall years and years of prosperity. Didn’t seem to hurt anyone too much back then.

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