They Picked the Wrong Guy

May 31, 2006

Remember the guy who broke free of his bonds and got the better of multiple armed robbers? Remember the guy who thwarted a would-be carjacker with nothing but a cup of coffee? Ladies and gentlemen, we have another entry into the self-defense badass hall of fame.

Meet Thomas Autry from Atlanta Georgia. A car full of thugs screeched up to him as he was walking alone at night. He ran. They chased him down. He pulls a pocket knife. They pull a gun. He kicks the gun out of the guy’s hands, stabs one of his attackers to death and critically wounds another. They were later apprehended at the hospital.

All of that is pretty gruesome, I admit. But stick with me. The best part of the story is how he reacts when Rusty Dornan of CNN points out that he himself isn’t being charged with any wrongdoing. You have to watch the video to see.

Give me a million men like that and we could transform this country. Not by thwarting robberies and acting like superheroes, but by shaping our communities with resourcefulness, heart and compassion.

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  1. “Oh, if he had a gun, he could have defended himself!….”

    (says the person who clearly did not RFC)

  2. That raises a tricky question. If he’d been carrying a gun legally he could have defended himself better (let’s face it, he got extremely lucky). I’m all for that. If he’d have shot a couple of them in this situation I see no problem with it. However… him (and others) having the ability to carry guns around legally poses additional dangers to everyone. When you have a gun you have to keep it safe and secure, lest it fall into irresponsible or criminal hands. You have to decide quickly when and if to use it in what can be highly ambiguous situations – and sometimes people will decide wrong. So the question is, do the dangers described here outweigh the safety he and others would presumably glean from the ability to cary? I say no. When you add it all up I believe the community is safer without concealed carry. But it’s a near thing. I don’t believe it makes a huge difference either way.

  3. Right on. What a powerful, grounded man – my heart is heavy for him and for the family of that girl. I think you’re right, Scott – if we could figure out how to instill that kind of courage and moral integrity in ourselves and our children, how different this country would be.

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