Hush, I’m easily impressed

June 2, 2006

“Why just the other day I was saying to Barbara…surely you know the lieutenant governor?”

I started the Milwaukee Chapter of Drinking Liberally with my two coconspirators back in September of last year. Mostly it was to get myself out of the house and meet cool people. But a funny thing happened on the way to DL: I became politically connected.

Well, sort of. I’m not a “playa” – no king-maker, me – but it’s weird to be getting personal emails from local and statewide campaigns asking me to do all kinds of things: blog their events, pass on their message, and recruit support at Drinking Liberally.

This last item I will not do, however. Drinking Liberally is a non-partisan organization and it does not endorse any candidates or causes. Translation: I can’t drum up support for your campaign at DL, but you’re welcome to come chat up our attendees yourself.

And many have. Three or four candidates and a half a dozen of their campaign staff have shown up at one point or another. I have chatted with most of them personally. I expect that phenomenon to rise as mid-term elections grow closer. Look for occasional notices of political events of interest to lefty Wisconsinites in the future here at scottfeldstein.net. Drinking Liberally may not endorse candidates, but I’ve been known to.

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