One Down, I Think

June 7, 2006

I can’t really share every detail of this process with you, dear reader. I do not want to embarrass anyone involved.

I think I may have identified my birth father. Unfortunately he seems to have passed away ten years ago at the untimely age of 46. He appears to have had a couple of brothers, however. I guess I’ll try to contact one of them and … try not to sound like a crazy person. Best case scenario is I get to shake a few hands, get some copies of a few photos, and maybe hear a little bit about him. And in the end I think that’s all I really want. After all, I’m not trying to establish a new relationship. I’m just trying to rediscover an old one. Just because he’s gone doesn’t mean I can’t do that.

Of course this may lead to birth mother. Hopefully she’s alive and findable.

The really weird thing about all of this is that I just happen to be visiting the Los Angeles area to visit my actual father next week. There’s a real chance I could meet face-to-face with some of these people, and soon, if they’re willing.


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  1. Good luck. this has been a long road in some ways, and any end is probably welcome!

  2. After all these years…
    I hope you get to meet them and get some closure. Good luck, honey.

  3. I wish you the best of luck. I hope you find what you are looking for.

  4. Congratulations! I hope that you find what you are looking for! I am sure it has been a long road, and I am glad you are finally nearing some resolution on it.

    I know I felt great when I knew I had a real life Mother and Father. It sort of gave me an identity I didn’t realize I had.

    Thinking of you and cheering as you continue your search . . .

  5. I am the adoptive Mom of two, birth Mom of one. We searched and found three of four birth parents. Two responded and have reunited with my oldest. The other ignored requests for medical update and photos.

    Should you have any questions about any part of this search, feel free to email me. I am the one who searched and found for my daughters. No one can take Mom and Dad’s place, ever. But friendship is possible, on a special level, and who can’t use more friends/love?

    God bless you in this search for roots and medical information. If at all possible, I hope for you what my oldest has experienced, rather than what my second one has (though she DOES know her half b sister, adopted to another family three years later).

    I have several references to our reunion on my blog, interspersed, but searchable two ways, if you are interested.

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