Back from TJ and San Deigo

June 18, 2006

Saturday afternoon we spent walking around in Tijuana. It’s amazing that every fifth establishment there is a pharmacy where you can get anything over-the-counter for almost nothing, including everything from penicillin to viagra. It’s also amazing that if your name is Feldstein and you try to go through customs with one tiny little bottle of absinthe you’ll be treated as if your name was bin Laden and you had a pocket full of yellowcake uranium. (Whoa. I wonder what’s in that stuff?! Alas, it’s legendary charms are still unknown to me.)

Saturday evening we hung around San Diego’s Seaport Village. Sunday, Father’s Day, we drove back to LA and stopped frequently to shop.

Pictures of the last couple of days are up. Stay tuned: tomorrow it’s up bright and early for Disneyland!


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  1. Looking forward to seeing which characters you decide to take a picture with!

  2. So I asked a friend about absinthe. Apparently, in very large quantities, it has hallucinogenic effects. Of course, it’s absolutely foul-tasting, so one would need real committment to the cause.

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