My Sexy Phone

June 24, 2006

So the upside of me destroying my cell phone is that I had to get a new one. Verizon just happened to substantially drop the price of that sexy new Motorola Razr v3c, so….one thing led to another and, bang, I’m Razr’d.

Imagine my delight when I saw that the AC charger had a USB end on it…one that matched the USB port on the side of the phone. It’s actual USB, too, because when I plug it into my computer it syncs my phone numbers with my address book and also charges the phone while it’s at it. Nifty.

And I’m given to understand that if you have bluetooth on your computer you can do even more. Like upload your own images and sounds.

I might have to stop hating wireless carriers. Stay tuned.


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  1. Now, you’re just bragging about that phone.

  2. You covet my phone.

  3. The best part about it is that you can play the actual songs as ringtones instead of that awful elevator music. I love mine.

  4. Syncing my phone with my Mac is, well, the best thing that ever happened to my phone…

  5. Get with the program. Phones or so 1990s, its all about PDAs.

    Ever since I got my Treo 700, I can never go back to a standard phone.

    I can write the next great novel on Windows Mobile Word and surf the Internet and check email virtually anywhere in the country. What standard phone can do that.

  6. Actually, I think you have it backwards, Eric! The PDA market is small and they will never become ubiquitous. The reason for it is certain: people would rather have a phone that can do rudimentary email, calendar, etc. than have a full PDA to learn and carry around – even if it’s got a phone bolted onto it. Mark my words, phones are the new PDAs.

  7. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060626/hl_nm/cellphones_dc

    Perhaps this is why you have such an attraction to your “sexy” phone.
    😛 It’s tickling that erogenous zone in your brain.

  8. @Eric, what is a “standard” phone? My Nokia has a calendar, an email client and a browser, and the Series 60 platform has a ton of applications available for it. It’s a phone, but with many of the PDA functions my old Palm III had.

  9. […] My sexy phone is history. It was pretty, but it just didn’t deliver. I could hardly make a call on it, the reception was so bad! I got between zero and one bar of reception in my apartment. Mostly it was zero. Although I learned you can still make calls at zero bars, I also learned that those calls are frequently dropped. My “can you hear me now” was frequently met with silence. […]

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