June 26, 2006

Did you ever notice how some folks on the right like to hide behind military personnel? They do things like print pro-war letters from soldiers and then, when you express a different opinion, they cynically issue forth with their mock indignation: show some respect for the brave men and women who give their very lives to protect your ungrateful, wretched, liberal, peacenik ass!

Well, I see your game. I’m on to you and I ain’t buyin’ it no more. In fact, how dare you! These good people do enough already without having to serve as human shields for your stupid ideas and failed policies. I have a new zero-tolerance approach to righties who use this chickenshit tactic: I will call you out loudly, swiftly and mercilessly. I will embarrass you and shame you. I doubt you will learn anything from it, but I can’t stand to see you do it with impunity any longer.

In public, in private; in a crowded theatre; with a fox, in a box – I’ll be there to rebut your bullshit. You have been warned.

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  1. Brought back some of that California Liberalism back, did’ja?

  2. Heh. Well hanging around with my parents doesn’t exactly turn one into Michael Moore. 🙂 I’m just genuinely ticked off with this whole thing.

  3. Welcome back! Does the same go for Liberals who use victims as shields and then castigate you for critisizing them, ala Cindy Sheehan? I would hope your indignation is equal opportunity.

  4. I guess you’ll have to show me some examples of crazed lefties dodging criticism of their ideas by hiding people someone considered by all good Americans beyond criticism. That’s what righties are doing quite regularly: trying to stifle criticism of the war by saying dissent is disrespectful of our military personnel. Rabid conservatives over at RDW have tried to pull that on me twice in recent memory.

    Does Sheehan do that? I really don’t know anything about her. She was a television phenomenon and I don’t watch TV.

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