Free the Phones, Man!

June 27, 2006

Hey does anyone know how to unlock a Motorola Razr v3c? I’d really like to be able to do all the things that Verizon doesn’t want me to do because they haven’t got a way to charge me a nickle every time I do them. Problem is, when I google “unlock razr” or similar search terms, all I get are a bunch of unscrupulous-looking sites that want money to unlock it for me. Surely there must be free method. Anyone?


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  1. I googled Motorola Razr v3c unlock free, and Wikipedia gave me this:

    By modding the V3 RAZR it is possible to unlock special features not available on the stock phone. The V3c for example on Verizon Wireless carries Verizon’s unique BREW UI user interface, for example, can be replaced by ALLTEL’s, giving it the original Motorola user interface, a faster button response time, and a few additional features. Other possibilities include adding video recording support, uploading Java games from a PC, changing the “cl.gif” (image displayed on the outer screen when the phone is open), getting rid of the service provider lock, adding date and time display on the main menu screen, and much more.

    Detailed guides on a variety of modifiable features, software downloads and other resources are available at the following sites:

    MotoModders.net — An online community of Motorola phone modders, containing a comprehensive knowledge base.
    PlanetMotoX.net — Another online community of Motorola phone modders, an initiative from a member of the site above, MotoX.
    Motorola.howardforums.com — An internet community dedicated to modifying several phone brands, including Motorola phones.
    Modding the Motorola V3 is not without risks and requires lots of time and research. However, a great deal can be gained. It is important to note that modding the phone does void the manufacturer’s warranty and should only be attempted once all the instructions have been read. Also, with multiple RAZR versions available, it is important to be sure that the modification applies to your particular model.

    Hope that helps a bit, at least.

  2. No, but if you find something reputable, let me know. I have the v3 and am annoyed at what T-Mobile has disabled on it.

  3. My friend Paul told me about http://www.howardforums.com/ last night. I have yet to fully investigate, but I thought I’d put it in here as another suggestion.

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