Anything You Like?

July 3, 2006

What albums have I been listening to? Here ya go.

Note: this list does not include singles that I’ve bought. I think that list might paint a slightly different picture of my tastes. A topic for another day, perhaps.


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  1. You have a serious music-buying jones, for which the only known cure–listening to Martha Raye records for 96 consecutive hours–is too horrible to contemplate, not to mention that pesky 8th Amendment problem. (I think you can get an Attorney General’s opinion that the 8th, like the other 9 provisions in the recently-renamed “Bill of Suggestions,” is inoperative in wartime.)

    So, like a well-meaning pal who offers a couple lines of blow to friends trying to give up pot, here’s an idea: buy “Origin Story,” the debut release from a young woman named Idgy Vaughn. If you don’t like it, you may either send it to me and I’ll buy it back from you OR you can ridicule my taste on your blog.

  2. Thanks!! There’s even free downloads at her web site:


    I think I’ll put them on my iPod and see how they grow on me. One thing she’s got going for her already – she’s a she.

    PS. I only ever ridicule conservatives here.

  3. Yeah, I ridicule conservatives, too. I started ridiculing them 42 years ago, right after Goldwater dropped 44 states to Lyndon. I envisioned a 1968 contest for the Republican nomination between Rockefeller and Romney (and I do not mean Mitt).

    When they began insisting that moderates and liberals get the hell out of their party, I enjoyed a good laugh. After all, the American people had spoken, insofar as this “conservatism” was concerned. Would these people never LEARN?

    They learned. Oh,boy, did they learn! They learned to keep pushing; they learned to find other ways of PRESENTING their views, as opposed to abandoning them, the strategy liberals keep on using despite its failures.

    Granted, they didn’t present their views honestly. In fact, after ’64, they never seriously considered that again. Somehow, they figured out that saying, “We’re against this because it would nick the already-wealthy corporations we exist to serve” wouldn’t cut it, so they came up with their famous “this (cite Democratic initiative here) would harm/is harming the very people it is/was designed to protect.” The first time I heard a United States Congressman use that argument against the minimum wage, I laughed out loud. By the time that Congressman, Dick Armey, became the #3 Republican in the House, my laughter had morphed to fear.

    I still ridicule conservatives. Any group that includes Rick Santorum is an irresistible object for ridicule. But I also consider that we know who Rick Santorum is because he defeated one of the brightest, most decent men who ever served in the Senate, Harris Wofford. And I also remember that Harris Wofford’s campaign was managed by the same political consultant who continually reminds us that we must show the American people “strength” against terrorism–“strength” somehow including support for this tragic, immoral, ill-advised war on Iraq.

    So, I also ridicule fellow liberals who keep telling us the road to be victory has to be littered with our abandoned beliefs. Even as I give in to the impulse to ridicule conservatives, I go to school on them, because they got to where they are–with their pampered fingers around the throat of our democracy–not by abandoning beliefs, but by selling them. We need to start selling ours and when they accuse us of class warfare, we need to be ready to call them what they are: anti-American stooges of the multi-national corporations.

  4. Any group that includes Rick Santorum is an irresistible object for ridicule.

    Word up.

    You, sir, should join us here in the blogosphere with a place of your own. Everyone would benefit from your experience and eloquence.

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