Word to the Wise

July 13, 2006

When you pay that unexpected $950 car repair bill, just take a deep breath, be glad you happen to be in a position to afford it, and move on.


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  1. I totalled my car right after my last big repair bill. Actually someone totalled it for me. I just happened to be driving at the time she decided to test her brakes on wet pavement.

  2. I almost nailed someone today who slammed on their brakes at a flashing yellow. Mind you, I just dropped about the same on my head gasket.

  3. My Pathfinder got totalled back in October when someone pulled out in front of me with no warning. And it was just a day or two after I replaced the tie rod. I felt like going to the junk yard with some wrenches and shaking that tie rod at the sky, shouting “YOU MAY HAVE THE REST OF IT BUT NOT THIS. THIS PIECE IS MINE!”

    In this case there was no accident. Just four tires, a front driver’s side tie rod, rear wheel cylinders, front rotors , front passenger rim… It all added up pretty quick. But it does feel like a car again. These American junkers really fall apart at 80k miles.

  4. OUCH….definately more than the alignment huh?

  5. “These American junkers really fall apart at 80k miles.”

    I thought you had a Saturn SC-1… I have 105K on mine, Emalee has 98K on hers and they’re both great cars, though, mine doesn’t care for the heat these days.


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