Relax everyone! The internet is okay!

July 21, 2006

Yes, I know my blog was down for like 24 hours. It all started with my lousy Netgear router that seems to need a reboot every day. I was thinking about shelling out for a replacement when I stumbled upon this blog entry over at my buddy Paul’s place. A $5 router? And all I have to do is let the occasional wandering nerd use my WiFi when they’re in the neighborhood? Count me in!

FON finally sent me my router: a nice Linksys model that should do everything I need with ease. Yesterday I un-boxed it and set it up. I was not surprised to find the usual Linksys interface replaced with FON network stuff; after all, they have to have a way to let the wandering nerds log in to get service. What I soon found out, though, is that setting up the FON software to accommodate my web server is hell on wheels.

After I figured out where you’re supposed to even do such things, I could not for the life of me to get the port forwarding to work. Could be I’m doing it wrong, but I’ve set up a half a dozen home routers and never had this much trouble before. I posted a request for help on the FON discussion forums, but so far nobody has offered any advice.

What else could I do? I hooked up the Netgear just to get things working (albeit poorly) again.

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  1. […] Remember my problems with my new FON Network router? I decided to give it another try. I made fresh appeals for help, tried several things, and utterly failed to make it work correctly. I could still access the internet, but nobody could access scottfeldstein.net. […]

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