War On Terror(ble Diseases)

July 23, 2006

I am joining the I heart John Stewart Club.

The president issues a moral absolute saying life cannot be taken (embryonic stem cell research), even if it’s for a good purpose (curing terrible diseases). But the president’s moral absolutes “get a little wiggle room,” according to Stewart, when the White House says lives can be taken (30,000 Iraqi civilians and over 2500 American soldiers) as long as it’s for a good purpose (promoting democracy in the middle-east, capturing WMDs that weren’t there, etc.)

If you doubt his genius, just watch this whole clip and tell me who else is making these excellent points in a way that absolutely anyone can understand?

Hat tip to Karen.

(PS. I don’t watch TV, but who cares! I get the highlights later anyway. I love the internet.)

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