No Pictures From Moon: Lame

August 1, 2006

I tried to send a picture from my phone to flickr yesterday but it kept saying “message not sent.” You’d think I was on the moon or something instead of a 1 hour flight from Milwaukee to Toronto. What’s up with this, Verizon? I pay you money every month so I can text and picture message, but I go spitting distance from home and suddenly it’s no go? LAME! Who knew I’d want to take a picture or two while I’m, you know, traveling!

Update: I called customer service and spoke to someone named Jim. I told him that I was visiting Canada and I found myself unable to send text or picture messages. Jim seemed unsurprised. Apparently when you’re outside your “home area” they, Verizon, can’t guarantee that the network where you are is sophisticated enough to support fancy things like text and picture messaging. “Listen, Jim, I’m not on the moon here,” I said. “I’m in Toronto. I’m sure people here send text and picture messages all the time.” Jim sheepishly agreed but could offer no other explanation. Also of note, I could not check my voicemail using the usual methods, but Jim helped me out with that. I simply needed to call my own phone number and then push #. Jim did make sure I knew that I’d be charged the typical roaming fees when I did: $0.69 per minute. My hatred of US wireless carriers continues unabated.

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  1. It’s just a phone, really, get over it.

  2. Just a phone? Nay. It’s my telephone, my wireless instant messaging appliance and my instant photo-to-web camera (via flickr).

  3. When I’m in Wausau (WI), my Verizon LG phone is almost always on extended service, which means many of the features and keypad shortcuts to Verizon info do not function. The same with the Sprint phone I had before Verizon. That is the way of the wireless phone world.

  4. And a sucky world it is. I bet anything the problem isn’t a technical one, but rather has more to do with the reticence of these companies to cooperate with each other to provide better service.

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