Terrorist Plot Thwarted – The Inside Scoop

August 10, 2006

Holy shit! Islamic terrorists got nabbed just before boarding planes bound for the United States at Heathrow airport. Apparently they had some scheme to blow up the planes using liquid explosives in their carry-on luggage. Many thanks to the heroes who detected and apprehended these crazies before it was too late.

I guess you knew all that already because you don’t live under a rock. But here’s some things you didn’t know! The only reason I know them is because I read conservative blogs. Read on and let’s learn together!

  1. These arrests simply could not have happened with a Democrat in the White House.
  2. These arrests vindicate absolutely everything George W. Bush has said or done in the last five years, including warrantless wiretapping, torture and probably tax cuts for the wealthy, too.
  3. These arrests prove without doubt that nobody left of Joe Lieberman understands the grave threat that terrorists pose to our nation.
  4. Everyone left of Joe Lieberman believes the arrests were nothing but a carefully orchestrated scheme by Karl Rove to make George W. Bush look good.

Now you know the truth*.
* Here the word “truth” is used to mean “not even close to the truth, in fact it’s batshit fucking crazy, but it makes a nice story in which the American right look good and the American left looks bad so it’ll do.”

Glenn Greenwald says it better than I can


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  1. I [heart] truthiness!

  2. Do you finally have it out of your system that the government under George Bush and in cooperation with the UK stopped a major terroist attack. I realize that this is tough for the liberal anti-Bush crowd to swallow since GW can never do any good. I’m sure Kerry, Hillary and the other leading Democrates really helped in this effort. Maybe it’s a conspiracy and this latest threat never really existed – or what ever allows you to cope with a job well done under GW.

  3. Bill, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Conservatives (the crazy ones, anyway) are foaming about how I, as a liberal, must

    1. be sad that these guys were caught because it makes Bush look good.

    2. be convinced that the whole thing is a hoax to make him look good.

    3. worry and fret over whether they were treated roughly when they were handcuffed.

    When the truth is, I’m the most leftyist lefty you’re likely to meet – and none of those things even remotely describe me.

    PS. I have indeed given credit to Mr. Bush when he does things right. He just doesn’t get things right very often.

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