August 13, 2006

“At the risk of sounding like your girlfriend…harder!

The speaker was a young woman with an English accent and a revealing corset. I was at the renaissance faire with Paige, Dan and Beth and we had been walking by that ring-the-bell-with-a-mallet thing. Three tries for two bucks. The kids suggested I give it a shot. No problem, I said. When I picked up the mallet the young woman offered to show me how to hold it. I told her I didn’t think that would be necessary.

First try was a very near miss. Second one, too. That’s what prompted Ms. Cleavage to coax me as she did. Third time, I rang it. I should make bets on these things! Nobody ever thinks I can do it, but I always do. Right after me a big tough looking guy took a turn. No bells for him. Ha! I know how to pull the sword from the stone: put your whole body into it. Turn your hips. Kwanjangnim says it gives you “ten times” more power.

Anyway, aside from feats of superhuman strength, I took tons of photos and everyone had a great time. A couple dozen of those pictures are up in my flickr stream right now so go have a look!

Be sure to check out the web sites of two of the best shows at the faire: Moonie The Magnificent and The Mud Show.

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  1. Did you remember to kee-op?

  2. I have to admit, I refrained – but I thought about it!

  3. Isn’t it just like you to try and impress Ms. Cleavage….:P

    Did you add a “grunt” for effect?

  4. I’ll be sure to do that next time 😛


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