Demo Shoes

August 17, 2006

I never really saw the point in wearing shoes when practicing martial arts. I mean, in the dojang there are mats on the floor. Even in tournament competition the floors may be wood, but there’s really no need for shoes. And who wants to get kicked with a shod foot? Not me.

But suddenly I have a need for martial arts footwear. It seems the J. K. Lee demo team is doing a demonstration in a parking lot on August 31st. I don’t relish the thought of stones and glass and who knows what else under my feet, so I now am the proud owner of these Adidas martial arts shoes.

Props to karatedepot.com for getting them to me timely.


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  1. Martial arts shoes? Footwear marketing continues to create needs.
    Bowling shoes, golfing shoes, soccer shoes, cross-training shoes,
    deck shoes, tennis shoes, walking shoes, running shoes, hiking shoes,
    baseball shoes……..we sure are fussy about our feet. Yawn, darn,
    where are my napping shoes?

  2. I really like the look of those shoes. Not being a shoe whore that’s saying a lot. I caught your Flickr note. Do you think you’re ready for that? lol

  3. They’re also good for people that have foot problems. My sensei wears them for arch reinforcement. My brother wore mat shoes because he kept on catching his toes in other people’s hakama. He broke 5 toes (different times, different toes) before he finally broke down and bought the shoes.

  4. Good point. I regularly train with people who have to tape their feet and toes. I bet they’re one step away from wearing shoes like this in the dojang. I myself have broken a toe while sparring. It’s no fun.

  5. […] I jinxed myself. That’s what happened. A few days ago I blogged about my new martial arts shoes as if I had them in my hands already. In fact, they were on a UPS truck for delivery. That delivery never happened. This is the my tale of woe. It is a story of intrigue, suspense and betrayal. Read on if you dare. […]

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