Pining For Fall

August 22, 2006

I’m already pining for fall weather. I’m scanning the tree line for the first early colors and I find myself putting honey and cinnamon in my coffee for no good reason. I just can’t help it. The period between, say, September 15 and January 1, is absolutely magical for me.

Wearing sweaters, jackets, scarves and hats; the warm decor of gourds, hay bales and tri-colored ears of corn; hot chocolate and hot cider; the Retzer Apple Harvest Festival and the making of the first apple pie of the season; the rich and beautiful light that filters through the red and yellow leaves; indoor and outdoor fires; taking pictures of the multi-colored walking trails in Minooka park; Halloween costumes, trick-or-treat and scary things; Thanksgiving dinner and spending time with family; holiday lights; holiday shopping; snow; taking time off from work; Christmas music and Hanukkah gifts; New Year’s Eve.

Winter can get me down, I’ll admit it. February and March can be long, bleak and cold. But on balance I’ll take Wisconsin weather over that of southern California, the place of my birth.

PS. First person to sing Favorite Things gets a punch in the throat.


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  1. *giddy* Yeah..the nights start getting cooler. I love to open the windows and start sleeping with blankets.

    Can’t wait for the long hikes through the woods, feeling the crunch of the leaves under your feet. It is so peaceful and beautiful. I look forward to Fall like most people look forward to Summer.

    I think I have more pictures taken in Fall then any other season.

    And had you said “crisp apple struedel” I would have totally smacked ya! Incidentally, still not eating that apple pie of yours! And mine is still waaaay better. 🙂

  2. Oh, yeah… I just keep thinking I smell rotting leaves and pencil shavings… I want to go to school more than is healthy…

    I would have to say that October is my absolute favorite month… I love it, it’s the “premium” time of Autumn…

  3. Premium, for sure! 🙂

  4. I love riding the motorcycle through Door county, as well as the UP in the fall. I also love the hot chocolate and cider! Good one!

  5. Autumn – I can do without the cold but I do love the colors and the fact that I can once again heat my oven to warm the house with the scent of all those comfort foods; home baked breads, stews and soups filled with root vegtables. Yum –

    Of course there’s the romantic ambiance of candle light, outdoor bon fires and strumming guitars. Yes, I think I can handle that.

  6. Fall/Autumn is neat. I think my body/psyche/(fillintheblank) changes at the cellular level. Its like a deep nostalgia or something.

    Finding golf balls amidst all those leaves can be a bit troubling. Oh well… here I am October! Come and get me!

  7. P.S. Great photo!

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