A bad cat that made a bad choice

August 25, 2006

CNN.com – Cougar attack survivor says cat made ‘bad choice’ – Aug 24, 2006
“You wipe out on your bike one day and a cougar attacks you the next,” Krismer said. “Then you fall off the swings the day after that. It’s just another thing that happens.”


And to the dad in this story I add: dude!


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  1. Not quite the story I’d like to hear days before I take my girls camping!

  2. These felines are beautiful creatures, but they tend to clash with
    suburbia. Yesterday they had one up in the University town of
    Moscow and another down in the capital of Boise. But, Idahoans
    are silly enough to worry about wolves much more than the big

  3. I would think wolves are a bigger problem economically with regard to livestock. Maybe that’s why they get more press.

    We have a hell of a grey wolf population here in Wisconsin. I’m thrilled about it, in fact. But I never want to see a pack of them while alone in the woods. I don’t know if they’d target a grown man in the woods but I don’t relish the thought of finding out.

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