Birth Family Background Information (Part 1)

August 30, 2006

This is the first part of a document titled ” Birth Family Background Information” that I just received in the mail the other day. A lengthy narrative entitled “Circumstances of placement and/or other significant information” makes up the second part. I will post it soon.


Adoptee: Scott Feldstein
Date and time of birth: October 4, 1968; 6:26pm

Place of birth: Booth Memorial Hospital, 2670 Griffin Avenue Los Angeles, California

Weight: seven pounds and one-half ounces
Length: Twenty and one-half inches
Head: Thirteen inches
Chest Thirteen inches
Abdomen: Seventeen inches

Condition at birth: Baby was born full term after a labor of five hours and twenty-nine minutes. Apgar score was nine out o a maximum of ten in the delivery room. Respiration was spontaneous and there was some cyanosis in baby’s extremities. Condition was good with no injuries or anomalies noticed. During hospital stay, baby was circumcised.


Ethnicity/Race: German, English/Caucasian

State of Birth: Tennessee (Whoa. This will be extremely helpful! SF)

State of Residence (at the time of birth): California

Age (at the time of birth): 16 years old

Religion: Agnostic

Education: 10th grade

Occupation: student

Marital status: single

Physical description: 5’6″ tall, weighed 120 pounds, light brown hair, large hazel eyes and an oval-shaped face with a fair complexion. Slim body type.

Special interests: reading about medicine and history; interested in psychology and sociology

Health: good


Maternal grandmother (birth mother’s mother): MGM was 35 at the time of baby’s birth. She was 5’5″ tall, weighed 125 pounds and had brown hair and eyes. She operated a day care facility in her home.

Maternal grandfather (birth mother’s father): MGF had been a Merchant Marine (what’s a merchant marine? SF) and was killed during the Korean War. He had a solid build, was 5’8″ tall, and had black, curly hair and blue eyes.

Maternal aunts and uncles (birth mother’s sibling(s)): None

Health: Nine year old brother was born with brain damage causing him to be handicapped neurologically and on dilantin and other medications. (This explains why she ran a day care. SF) There was an adult onset asthma on both sides of birth mother’s family.


Ethnicity/Race: Scottish, Irish/Caucasian

State of birth: Massachusetts (Another great new piece of info! SF)

State of residence (at the time of child’s birth): In US Army and stationed in Vietnam (I didn’t know that. SF)

Age (at the time of child’s birth): 17 years old (Can you be in the Army at 17? SF)

Religion: Jewish (WHOA! SF) family background but he was agnostic

Education (highest grade completed): high school graduate

Occupation: Merchant Marine (What’s a merchant marine?? SF)

Marital status: Single

Physical description: 6’2″ (the first person taller than me in the whole bunch! SF) 190 pounds, light brown hair, blue eyes and fair, freckled complexion. Slim body build.

Special interests: Sailing, surfing, guitar (nice! SF), singing and writing songs and enjoyed skin diving.

Health: good


Paternal grandmother (birth father’s mother): PGM was 45 years old at the time of baby’s birth and had two years of college and was a full time housewife. She was 5’7″ tall, average build, had auburn hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion.

Paternal grandfather (birth father’s father): PGF was 48 years old at the time of baby’s birth. He was a medical degree and was an anesthesiologist. He was stocky, stood 5’10” tall, had light brown hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion.

Paternal aunts and uncles (birth father’s sibling(s)): Birth father had two younger brothers who were 15 and 13 years old.

Siblings (birth father’s other child(ren)): None

Health: PGM had her thyroid removed in 1962


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  1. HOLY CRAP! I am just reeling from all this info, and it’s not even about me! WOW! More coherent comment to follow, once I digest this. You must be jumping out of your skin.

  2. Absolutely I am! Wait till you see the rest of it.

  3. Hey Scott, here’s a brief definition of cyanosis: http://www.drhull.com/EncyMaster/C/cyanosis.html

    And on merchant marines:

  4. Thanks!

  5. I believe you can enlist at 17 with parents permission, at least you could before. My dad did in WW2. I’m not sure what the rules are now.

    Great info. Gotta be exciting for you.

  6. I thought there was some rule like that! I’ll post the rest soon.

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