September 5, 2006

I’ve been thinking lately about starting a blog about fitness and health. I know what you’re thinking: there are tons of web sites out there about fitness, nutrition, exercise and weight loss. Why would my site be different? Simple: those sites are run by know-it-all experts whereas I’m just a 37-year-old guy who could stand to lose 20 pounds and who doesn’t know an antioxidant from a Pilates class. Plus I’m edgy. You won’t find those slick professional sites talking about the size of their asses, nor will they use the F-word. You can count on me to do both. Probably in the same sentence.

The blog will largely be about my personal journey to better fitness. Goals will be set. Lines will be drawn in the proverbial sand. I’ll have to figure things out as I go. And it will be totally without a net. There’s no guarantee I’ll succeed. Talk about drama! But it will be more than just a public record of my bathroom scale readings. It will be a repository of all things health-related that I come across during my journey. Personal observations, articles at CNN.com, advice I get from friends and coaches, etc.

Do you want to read such a blog? Good! Now help me think of a name. It has to be a domain name I could really register, and one that captures the essence of what the blog is about. Suggestions?


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  1. I would read something like that. But as long as it didn’t focus on this diet/that diet, etc. I am a firm believer of good old fashioned calorie counting. And exercise.

    I spent many of my years fat…and all.


    A play on Eyes Wide Shut:
    Fridge Tied Shut

    Yeah, I’ve done it!

    Nick might be innerested too.

  2. From what I know of you it seems like you have some pretty good habits in place. However, keep in mind that there are lot of us “skinny” guys whose veins are probably on their way to closing for business.

    Run this one through the registrar…


  3. Good suggestions! And I’m getting positive email, too. Here’s a couple of thoughts:

    How about multiple authors or guest contributors???

    What do you think of: aboyandhishealth.com?

  4. I like multiple guests! But I vote for amanandhishealth.com. You fought hard to be a man – go ahead and claim it.

  5. I don’t think you want it to be too complicated. How about just scottsfitness.com? Or even feldsteinfitness.com if you like alliteration.

  6. I think Charles is on to something, good habits and all.

    Having been through all the workouts a gin mill can offer, at this point I’d be happy with someone kicking me in the tail to keep me on track.

  7. Scott,

    I think this is a brilliant idea! They say it helps a lot to document your path toward ideal health so this would be perfect for you. Not sure if you know this, but after the fourth of july this year I got fed up with my weight and hired a personal trainer. Best investment, ever…seriously! I’ve lost a shirt size, pant size, and look fantastic (proof? check this out – http://www.flickr.com/photos/mgirl/231486239/in/set-72157594264362205/). Now I’m this health freak and can offer a lot of input if you choose to take this challenge on. I’d love to be a contributing author!

    Peace out!

  8. I assume omgiamsofat.com is taken?

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