We Are Coming For You

September 10, 2006

Osama bin Laden:

We are coming for you. Even five years after the atrocity you and your deranged followers committed against my country, we’re coming for you. I saw what you did. I watched it on television, and I won’t forget. The people of my generation who witnessed it will never let up on the pressure to find you. Even if our leaders sometimes say you don’t matter, they come and go, whereas the people’s will to bring you to justice remains. The whole world will ultimately not be large enough to hide you from us. Eventually we will find you.

But we’re not just coming to destroy you, personally. We of the west are going to eradicate your mad ideology from the earth. Your irrational, barbaric fantasy of an entire world suffocated by religious extremism will never become reality. Secular democratic government, women’s rights, and rationalism will win out. Despite your efforts to the contrary, soon all of your Muslim brothers and sisters will see the wisdom of our way of life – just as many millions of them already do today. You are an anachronism, a dying breed, and your remaining days are very few.

Knowing what I know about you, I suppose you’ll be killed rather than captured. Rest assured that nobody here minds that a bit. But before you go, I want you to to see clearly what the future holds. Women will have rights equal to those of men. People will believe and worship as they choose – if they choose. Minorities – ethnic, ideological, sexual – will live openly and without fear. People everywhere will be free to elect their leaders, and to choose different ones if they see fit. No one will have a monopoly on the truth. What is deemed acceptable in the ream of human affairs will be determined not by the scribblings of our barbaric and centuries-dead forbearers, but by reason and compassion.

In the end it won’t matter how many people you kill or how many you frighten or how many you brainwash. In the end, we will win and you will lose simply because our way works infinitely better than yours. The whole sweep of world history is proof enough of that – and of the fact that time is on our side, not yours.

The next time I see you in one of those videos you periodically release I’ll be thinking about how you must, in you heart of hearts, understand the inevitability of your failure. And I’ll be thinking about what fitful sleep you must have, ears straining to hear the missile or bullet that has your name on it.

We are coming for you.

An American Citizen

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