September 12, 2006

Holy cats am I tired. I got up at… some very early hour. Then I drove from Madison to Waukesha, drove my kids to school, drove myself to work. It was raining. There was traffic. At noon I went to the first of the lunch-time exercise classes I signed up for. It was challenging but not devastating. At the end of the day I drove back to Waukesha to hit J. K. Lee for the high belt tae kwon do class. Problem was, the traffic was first-gear for forty minutes. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore and that I would erupt from my car shrieking like a banshee, smoke started coming from under my hood. I noticed my temp gauge was way higher than normal, too. Just. One. More. Mile to the exit… and as soon as I sped up, things cooled down a bit. I went to the 6pm class, got a rigorous workout, then decided to check out my car while I waited for 8pm demo team practice to begin. It doesn’t take a mechanic to see that there was no coolant in the reservoir. Not relishing the thought of trying to deal with this after demo at like 9:30, I got in the car and ditched practice. Off to Wal-Mart I went. I got a bottle of coolant, a flashlight that you shake instead of put batteries in, and a bag of beef jerky. (Don’t ask, I was exhausted, stressed out and nearly delirious with hunger.) So I put some coolant in with the help of my flashlight and drove home – eating jerky. I got here at about 8:15. I can’t even think about what might really be wrong with the car, when I’ll fix it or how I’ll pay for it. Right now I just to be very motionless for a while. Like maybe 8 hours.

How was your day?


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  1. Take heart Scott. The car is shaky but not dead so you don’t need a tow. Your kids adore you, and you have made a committment to take care of yourself to the point that you sat in first gear traffic for 40 minutes.

    Oh, did I mention the nice cozy dry bed? 🙂

  2. Scott: Tell me you remembered to vote!?

  3. Remembered, yes. Actually did? Alas, no. As it turns out, the only race I was interested in, the AG one, went as I felt it should. So no damage done.

  4. Even though you are on the other side of the isle, you could have thrown those of us supporting Lufter a bone by voting for her.

  5. Please, please, please tell me you didn’t just pour the “coolant” into the resevoir…PLEASE!

    You need to dilute that with 50% water, dude…and…you probably should have your radiator hose checked…and…probably a good time for a radiator flush.

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