Hot Tube Amps, Bumble Bees and Lullabies

September 20, 2006

It is delightful, in fact, that music they make digitally with computers sounds like it was crafted from hot tube amps, bumble bees and lullabies. A totally other source of (rather perverse) delight comes from knowing that the group is from Nashville, Tennessee, the capital of country music.

I’ve had their just-released album The Colors In The Wheel infinite looping in my car for several days now. It’s wonderful. Try it.

PS. Annette, Kip and Tony: next time you’re going to be in Milwaukee or Madison, drop me a line. I can’t introduce you to all the hip music people in town, but I can hook you up with a cream puff, a bratwurst and a Spotted Cow. Seriously.

– me on both the blog and in an iTunes review

Every now and again I’d think about the part where I invited them to contact me and wondered about the odds of that actually happening. Well, wonder no more. Neither Kip, Annette or Tony contacted me personally, but the sister of one of them (who prefers to remain anonymous on my blog) did!

Hello, Scott!I know it is weird that a stranger is writing you, but I noticed your comments on my brother’s (Tony Miracle from Venus Hum) album on iTunes and thought I would let you know that Venus Hum will be playing in Chicago on September 29th. I live in Chicago and I am trying to get as many people as possible to come see them so they will come and play here often. I know Chicago is a good 1 1/2 hours from Milwaukee, but as I have driven up there for a concert, I figured others may do the same, who knows? Depends on one’s sense of adventure or, perhaps, the condition of one’s car.

Anyway, you should grab your friends and make the trek down to Chi-town. The concert starts at 10 p.m. and I think maybe Venus Hum is opening, but I don’t know for sure. For more information, scroll down to September 29 on this calendar.


By the way, you have a lovely blog. Very entertaining!


Fun! Unfortunately I will be unable to attend. I’m heading out of town that day to spend the weekend in northern Wisconsin. Rats! I guess there’s always next time. But you could go, dear reader! Anyone in the Chicago/Milwaukee area who likes great music should see these guys. Tickets are $8 ($10 at the door).

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  1. I love new music and would give it a try in a heartbeat but I’m with you. The last weekend in September must be the time when Wisconsinites touch nature. I’m headed out to camp myself.

  2. Scott, we’re gonna have to cut some CDs for each other. I have been getting into Govinda a lot lately, but would love to get a copy of Colors. BTW, I think you’d like Govinda a lot.

  3. Deal!

  4. HEllo. Just added your link here.

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