War On Islam?

September 25, 2006

So I was listening to the radio the other day about the pope and how his recent comments about Islam pissed off some Muslims. Yawn. Muslims somewhere always seem to be pissed off about something these days. Big deal. What the pope said sounded kind of stupid to me (if the leader of a faith marred by hundreds of years of barbarism calling out another faith for being barbaric isn’t ironic, I don’t know what is) but so what? Methinks everyone needs to grow a thicker skin and in the words of Rodney King, “just get along.”

But I’ll tell you what did trouble me. Several of the callers seemed to think that we were at war with Islam. No, not “seemed to”; they stated it explicitly and chastised the rest of us for not understanding the situation.

Listen, I realize it’s a mid-level intellectual exercise to make a distinction between being at war with small a global network of Islamic extremists as opposed to the many millions of Muslims throughout the world, but this was NP motherfuckin’ R! I expect these folks to know the difference!

But maybe it’s me who doesn’t understand. Maybe our country really is at war with Islam and we’re just not admitting it in our political rhetoric.


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  1. Why don’t you read the actual text of the Pope’s speech before you pass judgement – I did. Again, it’s easier to listen to the media’s hyped, out of context version to support your bias. It’s a difficult, intellectual read but I think you can handle it. You might be surprised to find what was actually said and the point behind the speech (which is close to your opinion about extremism in any religion).

    I am always surprised how intelligent people continue to rely on the media and news bites as absolute fact. Wait till the National Intelligence Report on terrorism is declassified tommorrow, it will become very apparent how the NY Times cherry picked certain sections to create a biased news story from a balanced report.

  2. I don’t need to read the pope’s comments to know that his comments were ill-advised. Think I’m wrong? Multiple choice question:

    With his remarks, the pope wanted

    a) to piss off moderate Muslims around the world

    b) to look really smart

    c) to make a non-controversial point about the evils of violence in religion

    I’m betting on “c.” That’s why I don’t need to see his remarks. I don’t care whether I agree with him or not. He did not intend to piss people off, but he miscalculated and that is in fact what happened. He messed up.

    As far as me relying on “the media,” I’m about the least media-saturated person you know. I don’t get a newspaper an I don’t watch television. I follow current events by nytimes.com, cnn.com, salon.com and news.bbc.co.uk. Everything else I get from the blogs I read regularly, and their links to primary sources.

    I daresay I’m better informed that your average television watcher.

    I have seen more of the NIE now and I’m convinced that it says exactly what the leak suggested: invading Iraq has made us less safe from terrorist attack.

    Where does the report not say that? Does it say “just kidding!” after it says that and I just missed it?

  3. Eight years of Catholic grade school tells me the Pope must have been right in what he said, because he’s infallible….ba dump bump.

    As far as the NIE, the same folks who wrote it told us Iraq had WMD and was linked to Al-Qaeda. I will counter every assumption made in the report with the exact counter-arguement and have a 50/50 chance of being right.

  4. Hey Zalmo, apparently in eight years of Catholic schooling you didn’t learn much. The pope is not infallible EXCEPT when he speaks about morals and belief, and even that is very constrained by strict rules. In fact, in all of history the Pope has only spoken infallibly TWICE. I would say that’s using his powers very judiciously and carefully, and both times it had to do with belief, not politics. He can say anything he wishes to say politically and be as wrong as the rest of us. So get your story straight, especially after eight years in Catholic school. They should have taught you something—-if you were listening.

    As for what the pope said, I don’t really give a damn except that I read it in context and it seemed pretty harmless to me. Funny how lefties like Scott always blame the wrong person instead of pointing at the people who are causing the violence. The pope did not advocate violence, but made it clear that violence in the name of ANY religion is WRONG. It’s the extremist Muslims who are the violent ones.

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