Wisconsin Lefty Bloggers

October 16, 2006

There’s going to be a get-together of some of Wisconsin’s left-leaning bloggers on Wednesday October 18th at 7pm. And where are they having this elegant and ostentatious affair? My place. Where else!

Seriously, come pull up a folding chair in my living room and rub elbows with all your favorites from the left half of the cheddarsphere.


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  1. Sniffle

  2. There goes the neighborhood.

  3. As infrequently as I post lately, I cannot really call my self a blogger. But if I do make it, do you want me to bring anything?

  4. You definitely should come. Bring… I don’t know. A bag of chips or something. I think there will be between 5 and 10 people there, so it’s not an army. I’m planing to provide beer and maybe some snacks. Some other folks are bringing soda. I think we’ll be covered.

    My daughter has threatened to make cookies for you guys. We’ll see if that really happens or not. We can hope. 🙂

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