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New Resume

November 30, 2006

I have a new resume. One should dust off one’s resume every so often just on principle. Check it out.



November 29, 2006

The tae kwon do form known as kwang-gae is named after Kwan-Gae-Toh-Wan, the 19th king of the Koguryo dynasty, who reclaimed all of the lost territories including the greater part of Manchuria. The pattern represents the expansion and recovery of lost territory and the 39 movements refer to the first two characters of 391 (A.D.), the year he came to the throne.

In case you were curious.

You can see all the other tae kwon do forms I know here. There’s also a good wikipedia article about them here.

Incidentally, when you’re perusing the article about tae kwon do itself, check out the photo of the guy breaking the concrete paving bricks. That’s one of my instructors, Mr. Duke Lee of J. K. Lee Black Belt Academy (no relation).


Keillor Column Outrages Others

November 29, 2006

Whoa, it looks like I wasn’t the only one to take umbrage at Garrison Keillor’s last column at Salon. Dozens of others wrote in to express sentiments similar to mine.


Dig Verbatim

November 29, 2006

Karen’s lonely over at verbatim, apparently. If you don’t know her blog, it’s fantastic. She’s got great movie reviews and lots of amazing recipes. She also turned me on to and hipped me to the ways of Netflix. So do yourself a favor: read verbatim. While you’re there, give Karen a hearty wasssup! for me.


Ad Update

November 29, 2006

Google deposited $100 in my checking account on Monday. W00t!


Like The Other Kids

November 29, 2006

My daughter is in her fifth year of French and currently raising money for a trip to France. It will be great for her language skills and for her appreciation of the larger world – but it will also be very expensive.

That’s where the fund raising comes in. So far so good. But I was exasperated when she brought home two large boxes of chocolate bars, $1 each.

“I look to you like I need a bunch of chocolate?” I demanded to know. “Why must you bring this into my life? Can’t you just sell drugs like the other kids?”

In the end, though, I bough four bars and made a promise to sell them at work on her behalf.

Anyone need some chocolate?


I Like Wes

November 28, 2006

[Retired general Wesley Clark] disagreed with suggestions by some members of Congress that more U.S. troops should be sent to help stabilize Iraq.

Neither would he begin reducing U.S. forces in Iraq within the next six months, as others have suggested.

“It’s not a matter of fiddling with troop levels,” Clark said. “It’s a matter of politics inside Iraq and diplomacy in the region.”

I still like this guy. He was my first choice in the Democratic primary for 04. Maybe he’ll run again in 08?