On A Brighter Note

November 8, 2006

We Democrats:

  • Won a majority of governorships, including here in Wisconsin.
  • Seized control of the US house of representatives. (Hello, speaker Pelosi.)
  • Apparently seized control of the US senate, pending a recount in Virginia.
  • Didn’t lose a single national office last night. Anywhere. Not. One.
  • Inspired the resignation of secretary of defense Donald “stand still and lose” Rumsfeld.
  • Showed Pennsylvania senator (and uber-asshole) Rick Santorum the door.
  • Deserve to par-tay like it’s 1994 in reverse!

See you at Drinking Liberally tonight!


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  1. I won’t be happy until the nails are in Allen’s coffin. Back when there was strong talk of Warner (former gov.) and Allen of Virginia both being strong nominees, I checked out both and Allen repulsed me. So much so that the macaca comment had little impact on me.

    “Inspired” is too weak a word. I doubt Bush really wanted him gone. Looks like having to face accountability is the only way to get the administration to face reality.


  2. Apparently the “red wave” is even more elusive than I thought…


  3. Party heartily! You deserve it!

  4. Well, I did party with my godson and some friends at the Taco Palace last night. Democratic victory makes rice and beans taste even better!

    Jimi, as a regular reader of this blog, I notice how friendly and respectful your tone is, no matter what your position on the issue under discussion. Thanks very much for being a model of the kind of discourse we all say we want but are rarely willing to have.

  5. Yes, and even when I myself descend in to snottiness! Admirable.

  6. Much appreciated. It’s something I try to aspire to . . . and try to promote. I can’t guartantee I won’t get in a few barbs, but I’ll always pull back at some point.

    Here’s looking forward and discussing it all!

  7. ::cranks up Queen’s “We Are The Champions”::


  8. As long as it means 1) we get the troops back home, 2) Rumsfeld et al are put in jail for “Crimes Against Humanity” WRT the torture of POWs 3) Real, true investigations with real, true punishments for abhorrent and flagrant theft of public funds from Haliburton et al WRT the Iraqi reconstruction contracts, and 4) Bush makes that real pouty face a lot in the next 2 years…otherwise, the U.S. still lost the elections 😦

    We, the U.S. public, especially those people who serve in our armed forces, were blatantly lied to, we lost the respect of the world with our Geneva Convention violations, and our country was sold to companies like Haliburton…unless corrections are made, trials held, and an appropriate pound of flesh exacted, we will never regain (or, more appropriately, should not be allowed to regain) our honor.

    If as much money was dumped into alternative fuel sources as this “war” — Iraq being the number 2 world supplier of oil would have become irrelevant around 2015.

  9. I by no means asume that troops coming home immediately is a great idea. All I want is some smart people to find a better strategy in Iraq, if it can be salvaged at all. Doing nothing clearly didn’t work. We tried that for three years. And clearly the vote has already shaken things up quite a bit. It’s a good thing.

    I don’t want anyone put in jail. What I do want is for spying on Americans without warrants to stop. And I want torture to stop. And I want the 9/11 commission recommendations implemented. And I want diplomacy at the UN. And I want better relations with our allies. And I want negotiations for drug prices for seniors.

    I want a chastened White House. I do not want bi-partisanship. I want some goddamned gridlock.

  10. The Repubs wasted a lot of time and money going after Clinton. I don’t think that same approach to Rummy and company would do any good . . . right now. It shouldn’t be forgotten, but spending time on him now rather than concentrating on the task at hand could . . . could backfire.

    Here we go . . . after such nice comments . . .

    No one is “spying on americans”. On the fence about torture. On the one hand, if it’s a known Al-Qeada operative . . . on the other hand, I don’t know how much good it has done in the name of protecting us . . .

    Personally I think the UN is a joke. Useless.

    Better relations, absolutely.

    Drug prices for Seniors, absofrickinlutely.

    We’ve had gridlock and look where it got us. Gridlock is gridlock. Wouldn’t matter who’s in power. It’s likely the Dems won’t make the same mistakes as the Repub’s, but . . . won’t they? How happy would you be if in spite of being in power you had gridlock after 4 years with nothing of substance advancing?

    Yeah. That’s how I feel.

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