IM IN UR [noun] [verb]IN UR [noun]

November 9, 2006


Originally uploaded by scottfeldstein.

I don’t think I can really articulate exactly why, but I find this photo hilarious. I’ve been giggling about it off and on for hours. I can’t explain. It’s like Kung-Pow, Monty Python or MST3k: it either strikes you as riotously funny or it absolutely doesn’t.

Apparently this photo is just one variation on a theme. Here you can see a few other topical examples.

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  1. OMFG!!! I clicked the link….THOSE ARE WAY WRONG, yet very funny…still laughing coffee out my nose!

    Defintely liked the “I’m in your house, Impeaching your D00dz!”

    Anyone who has followed her would be like “what? she don’t talk THAT kind of smack!” — she talks an up front, in your face kind of smack! 😉

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