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November 11, 2006

Bloggers’ most important role is to “do journalists work for them”? I don’t recognize the panelist who said this, but I don’t know what she’s smoking. She’s saying (I think) that it’s our role to force journalists to pick up stories that they wouldn’t otherwise report. I think this occasionally does happen, but is it our most important role? I doubt it.

Of course, everything here is asuming a political perspective. Could it be our most important role from a political perspective? Maybe. But even then I doubt it.


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  1. I didn’t know we had a role. There’s nothing wrong with pointing out where the MSM screws up, but I’ve never thought of bloggers as “watchdogs”. I’ve always thought of them as people with opinions and perspectives that wanted others opinions. Blogs, as we all know, can make the same mistakes the media does. I don’t know about anyone else, but, I do this for the sheer enjoyment of reading what others have to say. It’s also a way to meet interesting people.

  2. I think she has a point. A blog is a place where the author has complete freedom, and isn’t confined by the decisions of a senior editor. Authors vary, of course. This one is more of an opinion blog of Mr. Joe Average (a lefty, but in other regards perhaps a strapping fellow). Look at Wisopinion.com and you’ll find many authors who have media ties that, again, can blog without restriction. In that regard who ever made the comment has a point. It’s too bad. But I’m happy about it. The MJS has become less and less significant. For most of my news and information, I turn to the internet. News sites and blogs . . . from both sides. The blog world was originally viewed as a bit of a joke from a news stand point. People with too much time on their hands . . . no lifes. That’s changed. Now, there’s often no better source for inside information. I’ve come to not trust the MJS to report accurately. The bloggers, and the people who respond, have become the better source of news information.

  3. Scott – great to see you – I’m glad you could make it !

  4. Good to see you, too. 🙂

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