Wanna help me move?

November 14, 2006

Does anyone have any experience with moving a WordPress blog from one box to another? I’m tired of hosting scottfeldstein.net out of my closet. I’ve earned my nerd cred. I got nothin’ to prove anymore. For what reliable hosting costs these days, I would like someone else to be responsible for that now.

So how do I move the blog?

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  1. Talk to Ted Dargis, ted.dargis@milwaukeemicro.com. He’s good at what he does.

  2. Check around the net… IIRC there’s a few good articles on moving WP sites. I did it for a friend’s site (I’d link but she let the domain lapse because she graduated and isn’t doing the radio show anymore)

    As for hosting… Um.. I’m hosted off of a friend’s box these days. If I ever get DSL, I’m probably going to go back to “roll my own” hosting (my server is still up… though… the default page just goes to my blog… I believe that http://starodub.commanddotcom.com is hosted on it still, though)

    Why are you getting rid of the ‘host my own’ site?


  3. I’m tired of worrying that my ratty old “server” is gonna go kaput and destroy my site. And I’m tired of paying for a business-class cable connection just so I can handle the traffic. I could get by with some cheap-ass DSL if I didn’t have to worry about that server.

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