Cappuccino Cups

November 18, 2006

Since I grew out of my unthinking adolescence I have refrained from using the word “gay” to mean anything I didn’t like or that was weak or inferior. However, as I grow even older still it occurs to me that sometimes things can be truly gay.

Take my new set of cappuccino cups. Well, not the cups themselves so much as the undue amount of delight I take in them. It all started when my kids got me a set of espresso cups for my birthday which I really loved. That was the gateway drug. Pretty soon I needed more. I searched the stores in my area but couldn’t find a larger sized set like the one I had. Then I found what I was looking for on Amazon: Konitz K103 Coffee Bar 6 oz. Cappuccino Cups and Saucers, Set of 4: $15.

I still haven’t even had cappuccino in them, just the coffee I make in my French press pot. But I love how solid they are and how much heat they hold. And, though I feel like a five-year-old girl having a tea party with her stuffed animals, I like using cups with saucers.

And that, readers, is so gay.

And I do not care one bit.



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  1. I wish it was still OK to describe something as faggy, when it has nothing to do with homosexuality but just nerdiness. It used to be a very handy word, with slightly different connotations than nerdy.

  2. I never used that, I don’t think.

    In this instance, I mean in the sense that my predilection for just the right coffee service is more befitting the hosts of Queer Eye than the poor slobs they help.

  3. Sooo…. when’z the tea party!!!

  4. Phel that is what I wanted to know! Gawd you are so totally gay for asking first!

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