He Was Always So Quiet

December 19, 2006

I have a knife collection. I know that this fact makes me jump several points on the scaryometer and I hate that, but I really am a stable, nonviolent, respectable, you-can-trust-me-with-small-children kind of guy. I just happen to have this collection…

It all started with the $6 Smith & Wesson folding pocket knife I got off ebay. Then I got a samurai sword as a gift from Karate Depot. From there it was downhill.

There was the awesome Paul Chen practical katana sword. (This one is no toy. It’s not fancy, but it could take your head off.)

Then there was the automatic Boker mini Magnum, black with a partially-serrated tanto-style blade. Very solid.

Then there was the Boker kalashnikov AK-47 auto conversion. You’d kill people with this knife. I would never, ever carry it.

Then there was the more reasonable Piranha Shadow. This is a dandy little knife. American-made, too.

And recently I acquired a Benchmade Benchmite II folder. This is also a very small knife. I would call this a “gentleman’s knife.” You could carry it in your pants pocket, no problem.

Anyway, as far as collectibles go, this isn’t a terribly expensive hobby. I just hope nobody thinks I’m a budding sociopathic Jack-the-ripper. Because I’m seriously not. Really.

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  1. I dunno . . . if you have to go through such efforts to try and convince everyone you’re not a nut, one has to stop and wonder. Hmm.

    Merry Christmas, Scott. I hope you and your family have a great holiday!

    BTW, I believe you.

  2. I recently found out that a friend of mine has a gun collection. It wasn’t the most obvious information to absorb, but given that he has no small kids in the household and apparently keeps them locked away, hopefully it’s okay.

    I notice that the picture you chose to illustrate this photo is not the same one that you chose to add to Project 365 since I remember commenting that on that one the lines on the surface paralleled the knife. Why the different choices?

  3. The one I used for project365 was the first one I shot. I wasn’t happy with it, so later on I did a more careful one – the one you see here. By that time I’d already submitted the earlier one to the project. I like the composition of the other one better, but this one is sharper and has better color.

    I have no guns. Just sharp things.

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