LeisureGuy And The Gourmet Shaving Experience

January 1, 2007

I got several wonderful gifts over the holidays. One of them was a shaving brush and some shaving soap. Thus my shaving craze was re-ignited, and tonight I found myself searching out new tips, techniques and equipment. That’s how I stumbled upon LeisureGuy’s blog Later On.

First I saw his incredibly detailed and – to those bitten by the wetshaving bug – delightful entry A guide to the gourmet shaving experience. I really, really recommend it for any man who’s interested in such things.

Just when I was about to tell you all about him, it occurred to me that I should probably read a bit more of his blog before sending you there. After discovering that his latest posts concern atheism, good nutrition and the woeful state of American health care system, I was doubly fascinated.

A thoughtful man who shaves. I think he may be come a regular read!


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