January 4, 2007

Someone is getting punched in the throat if I hear another politician blathering on about bi-partisanship. The punches will be accompanied by kicks if said politician uses the phrase “roll up our sleeves.” Does anyone feel encouraged by this talk anymore? It’s totally inauthentic blather in my ears.

And in some ways congress doesn’t need less partisanship right now; it needs more. Congressional oversight, anyone?


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  1. Welcome to the Disingenuous Politicians Club, Scott. We righties have been putting up with it for quite some time.

    There’s this meeting you could attend . . . in the basement of this church . . .

    I’m really kind of with you on this. There are some things I’m personally against, but we screwed it up. Let’s see if your leftmates can do any better.

  2. I would like to add to the list:

    – the voters have sent a message
    – the American people want us to work together (I’d prefer they didn’t do any work at all)

    I had more in my head, but the phone rang. Long story short, I want to puke anytime I hear any of these “buzz lines” from politicians. It just demonstrates how out of touch they are.

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